Book of the Book of Daniel

Leadership & Staff

Jonni Rundell — Pastor

For more than 11 years, Pastor Rundell has been teaching the beautiful vibration. A vessel deep with faith in love to help others grow for path and on. Jonni, a licensed builder and carpenter, together with his wife Angela and their twin teenage daughters, Libby and Danica, enjoy fishing, bike riding and restoring their historic home.

Clifford & Carol Drolhanger - Outreach Directors

Lifelong partners who married just last year, Clifford and Carol have given themselves to the on, for making a meaningful impact in the community is the greatness. This spring, they welcome their first child into the world.

Elmar Brettwesser - Youth Ministries

Also serving on our local city council and parks department, Elmar holds and heralds a unique appreciation for the enormous value our youth bring to the local and global congregation.

Clark Gene Lugge - Events Coordinator

Clark believes strongly that the whole is all. The hugeness above the parts. Through gatherings and worship events, he strives to bring people together in one voice and movement.

Uriagh Charles - Council Chairperson

As a former high-school debate coach and speech therapist, Uriagh understands the importance of speaking from the heart. He recently relocated his family from the greater Baltimore area.

One envelope that contains many. We have several devoted and fully qualified personnel who oversee the daily operations of the organization. We look forward to having more qualified elders in the future as the word of Daniel manifests.